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Story: The day of clipping

Story: The day of clipping

Postby Wilco » Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:49 pm

Waarschuwing: Dit verhaal bevat geweld en mishandeling en is daarom niet voor iedereen geschikt.

Our skin is the color of pigs. I hadn't realized it before, but perhaps that was why we were different. Those fat noisy things who walked on four legs on the other side of the fence. They don't have skin like the sky, or skin like grass either. And like us they don't walk on two legs.

In the distance I hear that the muscled and the pretty are doing it again. Moaning and panting. Inevitably to be followed by her cries. I don't like it. Sometimes I envy him. But right now, with this bright sun, I don't understand why they wouldn't just lay in the grass and enjoy the warmth. I hope they'll stop soon. Maybe later Pretty will cry for me. That would be nice. I feel a stirring in my crotch as I think about her.

A loud noise comes from the ranch. It's the bell the feeders, used to signal it's time to eat. It's much earlier then usual. But as I'm quite hungry all the time I don't intend to miss it. As fast as my arms will let me I drag my body across the grass. Pulling myself forward on the strong roots. I want to get there first so I can have more.

When I get there, the feeder has not yet filled the ditch. Patiently I wait as the rest of our kind joins me at the feeder's feet. He is tall and scary, his skin is like the sky. It's the only thing I like about him. Sky always stands on his two behind legs. He is much faster then any of us. He sometimes kicks you with one of his behind legs. I've seen Muscled stand on his front legs. But he can't do it very well. I've tried to do it myself a few times, but it's very difficult as my behind legs just flop around, bringing me out of balance.

As the last of us arrive, Sky looks around the group. Finding who he is looking for, he walks towards her. Stepping on one of Pretty's front legs as he does so. He lifts Tiny by the neck and takes her to the front of the group, where all of us can see. Tiny is not very old. She has only been with us for a few summers. Drawing his knife, Sky pushes Tiny down in the mud and forces her mouth open. Tiny is more disobedient then most of us and struggles heavily against Sky's grip. Franticly she lashes at Sky with her front legs, hitting the knife from his hand.

Angered, Sky punches Tiny in the face and pins her to the ground with his knee on her chest. Before he is able to pick up the knife Tiny has wrapped her face in her front legs, so Sky can't get to her mouth again. Even three more heavy blows to her head doesn't loosen the grip. "Cath sa!" he calls to the nearest one of us. It's Muscled, who has his arms once again wrapped around Pretty. He should know better then to take her with the feeders around. It really doesn't matter that you don't know what a feeder wants you to do. Our kind should listen. "Cath sa!" Sky orders again, getting impatient. But Muscled refuses to come to the feeders call.

"Atter at ma!" Sky calls out to the ranch. He stands back up, picking Tiny off the ground by her neck. With her in his front paw he takes two steps towards Musled and Pretty, looming over them. Knowing they are in trouble Pretty curls herself up, realizing what going to come next. Sky kicks at them, hard. A loud thud can be heard as his leg connects with Pretty's back. Musled quickly crawls over her, trying to protect her body by shielding it with his own. Another hard kick hits, this time onto his back. He groans in pain as Sky kicks into them, Tiny hanging limp in his hand.

Another feeder hurries up to them. "Nana!" he orders. Sky turns around to face him. "Choppa bakka ha." Sky says, pointing to Musled. "Wa ha? Yeye ting" the other feeder responds. Then dragging the dazed and groaning Muscled away by his leg. A good feeling stirs in my groan as I realize Musled is being taken into the direction of the scream place.
"Cath sa" Sky says again, this time calling me forth. Obediently I drag my body towards him. In another attempt to clip Tiny, Sky lays her on the ground and pins her under his knee. He shows me I am to hold her front legs away from her face, while he works on her. Scared of what might happen if I refuse, I do as he wants of me. I put all my weight into holding her down. I know very well what's going to happen. Sky did the same thing to me a few summers ago. He does it to every one of us. The same way he cuts our behind legs so we can't use them.

I close my eyes so I don't have to see what he's doing. There's some more struggling. Another punch, but Tiny does give in to it. We all give into it. Then her screaming starts and I know it's done. It's a scream of pain, of terrible pain. I feel tears streaming down my face as I open my eyes again.

Sky wipes the knife clean on his shirt, then puts it away. In his hand he holds a little piece of meat. It's the thing from Tiny's mouth. The meat that helps Sky talk to the other feeders. And the reason why our kind has never talked before. Now it's finally time to feed, I realize. As Sky turns around to walk to the barrels of food I can see him put the piece of meat in his mouth.

Hurt, confused and upset I crawl away, leaving Tiny to deal with her own pain. My front legs feel weak. Pretty is still sobbing as I reach her. She doesn't resist when I put my legs around her. I take comfort in the warm touch of her naked body. She lays limp in my arms when Sky returns with the food. He empties the barrel into the ditch. The rotten food from the plantations smells bad. I'm still hungry, but I don't want to eat. Others of my kind crawl over me and Pretty to reach the ditch.

Surprised I see Tiny crawling up to Pretty and me. She has stopped sobbing, but tears are still streaming down her face. I hope she understands that I didn't have a choice. She crawls up against Pretty, hiding herself with Pretty's front legs. The three of us lay there for a while, motionless. Scared of what's to happen next. It takes a while before it comes. But by the time everyone is done feeding, the awaited scream can be heard. I tremble at the sound. One day I know that will be my own scream. A few silent moments pass. I realize the next Tiny will be mine.
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