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17/01/2563 A.T. The wood goat command.

17/01/2563 A.T. The wood goat command.

Postby Midgard DM » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:27 pm

The day is over. The work is done. The sun is setting and the camp is eerily quite.

Brada walks up to a shaman and wonders whether or not the wise old Ogre will have forgotten his name this time.

"Mor. Ik moet met je praten... Drank?" The young Ogre points to a free log near the bar.
When you see the word "realism" in any Heimr discussion, please substitute "internal consistency of imagined world such that it abides by its own laws both implied and explicit, including laws such as 'elves exist' and 'magic works.'"
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