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29/03/2562 A.T. Zalsz will is change

29/03/2562 A.T. Zalsz will is change

Postby Midgard DM » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:12 pm

I am tired of waiting. The lives of mortals are to short for the patience of gods. Zalsz will is change, but for us some of those changes feel like the creep of a glacier. Sure, it is impossible for the village to remain where it is now, but the villagers can piss on the change before leaving.

Itza sits at her working table. Itza had been sitting at her table for over years. Her body unable to move. A dry husk that loses pieces of her skin every day. And every week or so more of her is replaced by strong wood and rope to give her substance.

She had five names once. The order have given them to her for good luck and long life. You lose a name, every time you lose a skin. Now Itza only had one name left and still the change would not come.

But now I feel something stirring. The holy artifact is giving of radiance, and I am to weak to react to it.

Her servants have abandoned her a while ago. Had it been days? Weeks? She had water, they left her that much. But she has not eaten in a long while, hastening her death.

The old lizardman flexes her arm muscles and drags herself from her chair. The bandages around her legs are filty and old; they break under the stress and Itza leaves behind her lower body. She grunts but feels surprisingly little pain.

Is this how it ends? I'll never regrown those. No matter how much I eat.

Once strong hands drag her across the table, with all the might still left to her. It takes hours, and she falls asleep halfway, but she reaches the artifact in the end.

She touches it and flashes come flooding in. She knows the flashes, experienced it before, but her frail body isn't strong enough to hold them all in now and she breaks away from the artifact. The message only half digested.

Cruel fate. No younglings left to help me. I bet I can't find a lizardman in a hundred miles from here.

Itza drops from the table. Ignoring the clatter of breaking ribs and snapping sinew. She just remains there, artifact in hand, for over a day before moving again.


Berof comes home early. He staggers into the village running. He got away from the fields with an excuse but still needs to hurry if he wishes to prepare his surprise. Marja will like what he made for her, maybe he would even give her a kiss.

Almost Berof trips over the body on the road, staring at him with dead eyes, the old lizardman holds something in her claw.

Berof his eyes follow the trail of dry entrails and vomit to the old house where she used to live. The rest of the lizardman family having left almost half a year ago.

The young lad knew Itza, and knew she was dying, but the winter had been harsh on everyone, and she was kind of... forgotten. And no amount of extra food would fix old age.

Suddenly Itza moves. Rolls towards the lad and trusts the artifact into the air. "Take.... it." she says in a rasping voice.

Don't run. Don't run. Don't run.

"Take it, to.... to Chitehe....Deltakeep."
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