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Utgardians don't use primordial magic.... unless...

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Utgardians don't use primordial magic.... unless...

Postby Midgard DM » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:01 pm

Allright, this spawned from the following points made by blazingeclipse:

So instead of forcing orks to not use magic, you could have per example chosen for a cultural restricion saying that orcs with magic are considered to be dangerous by their kin. They aren't any extremely rare, just shunned or viewed as a bit weird in their social circle.

Below I will answer on this specific example. However, the answer can be applied on allot of these familiar questions.

Wielding primordial magic in Utgard is socially akin to playing around with radioactive matter in public in Japan. It mutates babies, it is dangerous for the environment, it kills people and the fallout is awful. Apart from all that, even if you did it in a safe way, it would be social suicide in present day japan. Utgard is bombarded with bad experiences with magic almost weekly.

Therefore; Primordial magic is criminalized in Utgard. This is the standard. This is the norm. If you want to create a Utgardian that wields primordial magic we as DM's always advice against it and offer alternatives: Its difficult to play (so beginning players should really not try it), they are rare so approving of them might lead to an unrealistic amount of them among players and (because we haven't fleshed out allot of the alternative lore yet) there is little to no lore to support the player (plus the reactions to that player from other players). Lastly, sometimes the character won't fit into the group he plays in.

However. We never forbid it. In fact, there have been orc mages.

If I have anything to say about it (that is why this is in the lore suggestions) I say the following exists within Heimr:
- There are tribes of humans that harbor some Utgardian racces within what could be called Utgardian borders that have no strict laws against magic (although they won't like it either). They shun it.
- There are tribes of orcs, trolls and tellurians (who knows.... there might even be one with ogres), that have secret covens of primordial magic wielders. They never tell other tribes for fear of retribution.
- There are cults within the tellurian cities, deep within the undergroves of society, highly criminal, that in secret torture captured elves and fae and extract from them the knowledge needed to cast spells.
- Some Utgardian settlements have policemen (Think of "witch hunters" or "inquisitors" from the warhammer settings) that specialize in taking these organizations down. They might dabble in magic themselves... to learn more about what they fight, of course.

- There might even be... a "goverment" consiracy. A cadre of trained mages that work for the Utgardian militairy, performing "black opp" missions. Some of the council of 9 members might even be in on that.

These are the "interesting cool choices" you get when you outlaw primordial magic. Apart from the more obvious alternatives of Druidism, Shamanism, Ancestral worship, Divine magic etc.

Why haven't we written any lore on this yet?

1. Well, have you seen the state the lore is in right now? We are just now starting to write the basics about Utgard. Come help us; it will go faster.
2. We want to really nail the norm first before we delve into these alternatives.
3. It is a bit of a filter. If you have what it takes to write good lore about one of these organisations as a player, than you probably have what it takes to play a magic wielder within one of these organisations.
4. The above examples are a bit cliché. Maybe our players can come up with more interesting examples? Lets give them a chance first.
5. I am personally still working on a "point system" for "special characters". Play normal characters long enough and you earn points. With these points you could buy yourself a "special character" (like a primordial magic wielding orc. Or somebody with multiple personality disorder). This would insure experienced players get to play these difficult characters and that there will only be a few of them. I would aim for a 6:1 ratio of "special" characters. This system has allot of problems and drawbacks and will probably never be implemented. But I'll try first.
(got the idea from here: http://www.middle-earth.us/wiki/index.php/Roleplay_Points)
6. We are all volunteering our time. We usually write the things we like. Not the things we need. (although sometimes we like to write the things that are needed). If you crave this lore; write it.

By per example not just writing whatever strikes your fancy but building a simple model for each socity, sort of a checklist to work down etc. Or even making it a must that every restriction is compensated by a special option etc.

Yes that is a good point. We might need such a template. It would help address point 6 somewhat.
When you see the word "realism" in any Heimr discussion, please substitute "internal consistency of imagined world such that it abides by its own laws both implied and explicit, including laws such as 'elves exist' and 'magic works.'"
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