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Kitchen and cooking

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Kitchen and cooking

Postby blazingeclipse » Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:31 pm

Because I like these kind of silly details (just like climate and such), what kind of cuisine do each of the races/countries/cultures have? I have searched a bit on the internet and found an interesting recipe site.

And the stuff that is travel (eg, larp) safe.

Especialy this one sounds rather easy and nice!

same goes for

I think such foodstuffs can increase the consistency of a world, and if you take the extra effort of making stuff like this beforehand and eating this as a lunch, that would be so awsome, and you wouldn't need to go OC to have lunch. In the past I have experimented with taking dry sausages (brabantse met-worst is ideal) with me, together with turkish bread (the large flat and soft ones). Works quite well for a travel ready character. I actualy carried that food around for the entire event, together with watter (I was playing a nomad, for whom it made sense to have travel rations and watter with him).
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