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Re: 08/08/2560 A.T. Back on the copperheart

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:08 am
by Rusty Coppernails
Zwijgend luisterde ze naar het verhaal en moest licht grijnzen toen Copperbeard hetgeen noemde Hendrick voor haar geweest was en of ze het zo letterlijk bedoelde. Tot zijn verhaal afgelopen was zweeg ze en begon een beetje te fronzen toen ze zich realiseerde dat Faith haar nooit van zoiets had verteld als hij nu deed. Maar misschien had hij het haar niet verteld omdat hij haar niet onnodig bezorgd wilde maken. Hij kon immers ook voor zichzelf zorgen, dat was duidelijk volgens het verhaal.

"He was my real father. Don't even think it wasn't something real. I can clearly remember the moment when he and my mom recognized each other. The thing I saw in their eyes was something I can't really explain, but it looked like nothing I've seen before. It was when I visited my people below sealevel together with Faith when we accidentilly stumbled upon this awkward fact. From that moment he absolutely behaved like a real father to me, more then he did before. Sadly it was only for a short period before he... died."

Ze sloeg haar ogen even neer en leek zich even in gedachten te bevinden, voordat ze hem weer aankeek en een stuk minder opgewekt bleek te zijn dan ze in eerste instantie had geleken.

"I can imagine what happened there with Gazthor and Faith. He didn't tell me much about his real bond with Ratish, but I absolutely know it was a special one. When I laid him to rest on the Vortex and send him to Ratish, it almost looked as if his face suddenly turned happy and peacefull, almost if he was released of something very demanding to him. In my idea I felt Ratish's power so very strong that moment, that I was overwhelmed by it." Eventjes glimlachte ze lichtjes en zuchtte. "But I'm not for sure what it all was."

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:14 am
by Midgard DM
Everything around Rusty and Copperbeard turns grey.... everything lost its color in the few seconds that rusty had locked her eyes on the Tellurian.

Copperbeard is no longer copperbeard. Instead he is a grey shadow, nearly invisible to Rusty.

The strong waves beneath the ship crawl to a halt, as if they are large slaps of ice that only move an inch every year.

Two figures approach Rusty from the grey mist. One of them Rusty recognizes instantly and instinctively. Chalkos. He seems to step out of Copperbeard as if he undoes a warm coat and seems to shiver for a second before turning to Rusty with his black piercing face.

A second figure walks from the tip of the ship towards Rusty. At first Rusty thinks she also recognizes this figure as Hedratan, the large walking tree that once proudly led faction Ent before Hendrick did. But as the figure gets closer it shifts and reforms into a beautiful woman that once decorated the very front of the Copperheart, but something about her also reminds Rusty about Suvei... the current captain of the ship.

Chalkos speaks. "You do not grasps the significance. You do not realize why I could not strangle him and you do not know what it means now that he is no longer among us. The balance is gone. And needs to be replaced. I am here to make sure I do not lose something in the process. I am here to remind you once more... of your debts to me."

Chalkos conjures up two figures walking around the deck and a third figure leering at them violently and drunk with disgust. Rusty sees herself, Twist, and Toemba. A flash of a dagger. Blood dripping down Toemba his knife and herself slowly dying.

"I have saved you. Giving you your life. I can take that away again. Your payment is your increased aggression. On the Vortex it is hard for me to reach you. But here, on Heimr, your blood boils from time to time."

The figures disappear and are replaced by a dying gnome. The beautiful woman next to Chalkos gives a chuckle, she seems to revel in the cruelty of the vision but does not speak.

"But. On the Vortex you are not completely cut of from me. As I have demonstrated on several occasions. But instead of making your life hard on the Vortex, I helped you when you asked it from me."

The dying gnome vanishes and is replaced by two burned corpses and a circle of onlookers that have gathered around them. Rusty recognizes the corpses as the corpses of coppercrew members that died behind a shed outside a castle on the world of the Pari.

"Than again I warned you that you had debts to pay! That my service was not for nothing."

Chalkos now waves his arm and all the figures disappear. He now turns to Rusty once more and points at her. The woman next to Chalkos seems to enjoy the situation greatly. She smiles warm but cruel at Rusty, awaiting her response. But Chalkos isn't finished yet, and does not allow Rusty to reply yet.

"The death of your father, means the destruction of the balancing factor of the copperheart. The Good side. He always tried to convince Suvei and the others not to torture for fun. Not to raid the innocent. Not to slaughter children and murder wives and create widows. Something they did often enough. Now a new balancing factor must be chosen. That is the significance of your father his destruction. Do you now understand the significance? Do you know what I am going to ask of you?"

Re: 08/08/2560 A.T. Back on the copperheart

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:09 pm
by Rusty Coppernails
Rusty's eyes grew wider and wider when Copperbeard seemed to fade away in fog and two familiar red eyes appeared before her. Grasping for her breath, she tried to keep standing where she stood in the first place, but Chalkos' appearance was still frightening to her, even more now she knew who he was and now she clearly remembered the words Faith used... "Maar het is nog niet te laat. Zie door het leugen. Verbreek wat je hebt gemaakt en neem terug wat van je af is genomen."

Trying to listen to the words, said with a heavy, frightening tone of voice, she stood still as a statue and did not blink her eyes. Looking from Chalkos to the female beside him, she frowned. Who was she? But she didn't have the time to think about that. The memories of her and Twist standing on the deck, and the moment when Toemba stabbed her down from disgust about her feelings for a half-elf. Tears appeared in her eyes for no particular reason, except for the fact she was stunned by how real the memory and vision seemed to her.

Then she turned to Chalkos and tried to make up an answer, but her brain didn't seem to react to the thing she wanted, nor did her body move when she tried to move her lips to speak.

But then another vision appeared; she could almost feel the slices of gnome-flesh between her sharp teeth and the blood spilled all over her nails and hands. Seeing the dying person before her, she could only stare for the next image to appear. She smelled fire, the smell of burning flesh, a familiar scent... she saw the sillhouets of Marcis and Kalah, whom she lost during their visit in the cold days of this year. She shivered.

Then again turning to Chalkos, she could barely make up a sentence in her head. But the words seemed to come up without thinking.

"I need to repay you... you need me to make a Balance again? So that the Copperheart and the crew will remain how they're supposed to be?" Her voice was nothing more then a whisper.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:45 pm
by Midgard DM
"Mhehe. Foolish girl. Yes. I thought you would think like that. You are not far from the truth; though in a way you could not be further from the truth."

It is only now that Chalkos seems to notice the woman beside him.

"Ah. Yes. You. Come to withness me drag my slave across your deck? Figment! Mirror!"

With every harsh word from Chalkos the woman withdrew her head further onto her schoulders. Stepping lowly; almost crawling further away from Chalkos. A vision of fear and respect as she withdraws and the demon continues.

"Fake! Death and empty witthered husk! Begone to your place on the stem or I shall drag you under your own keel and rudder!"

As the woman slowly seems to disolve in the gray mist surrounding the ship, Chalkos turns back to Coppernails.

"I hope it was your pleasure to meet 'The-Wealth-That-Walks', some would say she remains the very soul of the ship. I state she is merely a figment and dying fraction of an equally dying religion. Most would call her the spirit of the Copperheart."

Rusty, if she had tried before now, is able to come to the conclusion it is impossible to speak in this place unless Chalkos lets her. Giving him ample opportunity to lecture her and show her sights. He continues as if nothing has happened.

"I require from you a task as payment for showing you the burned remains of your dead friends. This task is twofold. One, if an angel or any other agent of the good side of lord Ratish asks you to become the balancing factor of the copperheart you are to refuse! This must probably come as a shock to your feeble intellect..." Chalkos says sarcastically "... but I do not wish for my servant, meaning you, to follow in her fathers footsteps and become the voice of dignity and chivalry aboard this ship. I am a demon after all and revel in your dark deeds. Secondly, you must, within the year, find a suitable replacement for your father as the balancing factor aboard this ship and ritually present him or her to the good side of Ratish and it's angels. I highly advice you pick a Heimerian but it remains your choice in the end; I am tired of handpicking every pawn myself."

"If you fail the first part of the task and agree to become the balancing factor on this ship. I will take back my first gift to you and instantly kill you. Do you understand? If you fail at the second part of the task and do not find a suitable replacement within a year from now Ratish will retract his blessing from this ship and the legs will die... so will the crew. Do I make myself absolutely clear?"