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Shanata Ramat

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Shanata Ramat

Postby Ramat » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:39 pm

(Work in Progress Character Description)

Name: Ramat.
Age: 27 of 2.
Gender: Female.
Primary god of interest: Nantillion.
Home region: Long Ear Forest.
Grouping: None.

Ramat is a sturdy-looking Shanata with thick copper-brown hair that reaches shoulder-length and an even fuller coat of fur covering her body. Since she is a wandering Shanata she often wears clothing, reducing the visibility of her fur to simply a thick mane from the neck of her tunic. When interacting with other Heimr races and cultures, Ramat is seen wearing dark brown pants (of which the calves are wrapped tightly to avoid snagging on brush) and an uncolored (beige) tunic. She wears a broad green sash and brown belt combination. The upper part of Ramat's face is colored with earth and reddish mud.

[To be filled in in proper narrative format.]

Character participates in:
Heimr setting and Vortex setting.

Heimr Character Skills:
[To be filled in.]

Vortex Character skills:
[To be filled in.]

Character IC appearance in chronological order:
Numen I: Ramat encountered Benthir, a Gnome, on his way to the Numen event near Reclaiming's End. Considering the fact that Numen are known to be dangerous (and that there was a large fight at the last Numen event) Ramat jumped at the chance to see what a Numen entails... and find some of that exciting danger that was being talked about.
Poked its head through the portal
Poked its head through the portal
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