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How to create a character.

Post your first draft, and after that, get help from the heimr community to create a cool character and get it approved.

How to create a character.

Postby Midgard DM » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:29 pm

Welcome to the character creation forum. Creating your first character can be a daunting process but we are here to help.

First. Some knowledge.
Heimr is a large, detailed and constantly evolving world. You aren't expected to know every fine detail of this world but some basic concepts are needed. Read these things before you start creating a character:
General setting and most common narrative conflicts within Heimr.
The northern kingdom of Asgard is one of the three great states of Heimr.
The center state of Midgard is one of the three great states of Heimr.
The southern alliance of Utgard is one of the three great states of Heimr.

With this basic knowledge in hand you can begin creating a character.

Lone wolf or part of a group?
First of all it is important to know whether you are going to play a lone adventurer or whether you will be part of a group of other characters. If you wish to join us in LARP games I highly suggest creating a character that is part of a group or at least one that teams up with one other lone adventurer who is experienced (essentially creating a group).

Tagging along with other players is the fastest track to learning the game and thus the fastest track to enjoyable LARP games.

Groups might have restrictions or advice that should come in handy during character creation.

One of the first choices you will probably make is what race you want to play. Fantasy races are varied creatures and we have a total of 15 available on Heimr (and several variants on those 15 races). The group you might be joined will very probably have placed restrictions on the kind of races you can play. A different factor to keep in mind is that Utgardians and Asgardians are at war.

If this is your first try you probably want to pick one of the easier races. Some races are hard to play because they demand elaborate costumes or because they have complicated/brutal or unusual and alien psychology.

The fifteen races are listed here roughly categorized by difficulty. Note that this categorization is based on how difficult the races are to LARP. If you never intend to actually LARP this character (for instance, you just want to play this character on the forums), feel free to pick one of the more difficult races:

Extremely easy:
Human (Midgardian)

Very Easy:
Troll (Utgardian. face paint is needed, fake teeth are optional)
Orc (Utgardian. face paint and teeth are needed)
Ogre (Utgardian. Either heavy face paint, heavy fake hair, fake teeth, or a fake horn is needed)

Elf (Asgardian. Fake ears are needed, the Asgardians have a complex social structure)
Fae (Asgardian. Fake ears are needed, the Asgardians have a complex social structure)
Halflings (Midgardian. Need face paint and crawl/haunche allot because they live underground. Rarely stand straight up.)
Gnomes (Midgardian. Elaborate scaly face paint. Somewhat spicky hair.)
Nymph (Not part of kingdom. One fake teeth, good roleplaying quality and a seduction driven mindset are needed.)

Shanata (Not part of kingdom. Elaborate face paint and hairdo. Harsh and alien society.)
Feyfolk (Not part of kingdom. Elaborate face paint or other effects. Feyfolk don't have a "standard". So you probably need creativity to come up with a good variant)

Tellurians (Utgardian. Elaborate costume, long beard. Rigid society)
Merfolk (Not part of kingdom. Elaborate costume, heavy body and face paint.)
Slemmering (Not part of kingdom. Elaborate costume, experienced roleplayer, very strange psychology.)
Lizardmen (Not part of kingdom. Elaborate costume, alien and distant mysterious society.)

After picking a race with an appropriate difficulty and conform your groups wishes, read to appropriate race lore. If you are still satisfied with your choice, move on to the next decision.

Out of character goals
What do you wish to accomplish? In what form do you wish to play this character? Do you want to LARP? Do you want to roleplay this character on the Forums? Do you wish to play a tabletop roleplaying campaign with this character? Do you want to participate in fleet battles (create an admiral character)? Do you want to participate in Underbelly games (create a faction leader character)? Or do you don't want to play this character at all but just add him to the background lore of Heimr (a NPC character)?

Don't forget that your group probably has a plan of its own. You can ofcourse play your character on the forums alone if your group never likes to forum roleplay for instance, but will just have the DM's and NPC's to entertain you, instead of a whole group of characters.

Lastly don't worry if you build a LARP character now and want to just forum roleplay it later, or the other way around, most characters can actively participate in every part of Heimr its manifestation.

What does your character do on a daily basis? Is he a professional cook working for a local lord, creating a feast every day? Is he a priest, spreading the words and deeds of his god or goddes? Is he a hunter, knowing the lay of the land and the way the local herds move? Is it perhaps a trader, traveling from village to city to torp to town hearing news from everywhere and feeling at home nowhere? is she a earth mage, mending broken equipment in local workshops? Is she a nymph diplomat, trying to desperately quell the Shanata, Feyfolk war around her? Is she an assasin, hired by politicians to take out the competition? An artist, a soldier, a guard, a criminal, a boxer, an atlethe?

Nobody is a "hero" alone. Beeing a hero doesn't get food on the table (most of the time).

"Handsome rich spoiled party going gnome.", "Hardened mercenary orc", "Rookie halfling scout.", "Roughish Fae pirate", "Cruel Slemmering slaver", "Cold elven Archer", "Foolhardy Ogre priest of Wana". "Blind drunk troll war veteran".

Combine your race, your profession and one or two of your characters most defining character or personality traits to form its "character concept". If you cannot summary your character in one short sentence to a different player than your character concept probably isn't strong enough.

Try and avoid character traits that are obvious for your race. Your Concept doesn't need to mention that your Ogre is aggressive, because almost all ogres are.

Don't put historic events into your concept. It doesn't matter much what your character did, it matters what he will do. If your thief once stole the holy magical scepter of a high priest of Talor because the priest was at that moment under attack and heavily distracted, dont try and cramp this in your concept, instead wonder if this changed him. Does he feel overconfidend because of this lucky theft? Put "Overconfidend" in your concept if it did. Did he get filthy rich because of this theft, put "rich" in your concept. If the event didn't chance your character at all, wonder if it is even worth mentioning in your background (see below).

When you see the word "realism" in any Heimr discussion, please substitute "internal consistency of imagined world such that it abides by its own laws both implied and explicit, including laws such as 'elves exist' and 'magic works.'"
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