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Mabna the ogre

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Mabna the ogre

Postby Mabna » Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:53 am

name: mabna.
Race: Ogre
Gender: female
God: Wana
Skill points:
8 ritual;
7 healing;

Character background:

Mabna is an older ogre who has survived many diseases and is still being challenged by the gods to this day. She recently sacrificed her eyes to try and save the site of a family member, but is quite unperturbed by this.

Her long years have helped to make Mabna a very powerful ritualist and healer, so she is still very useful to the ogre’s.

Mabna has very strong stereotypical ogre beliefs about how society should be run, and how certain matters should be handled. For example, she wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice a weak child to Wana, as it would be a drain on resources if kept alive.
Poked its head through the portal
Poked its head through the portal
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Re: Mabna the ogre

Postby Midgard DM » Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:27 am

Sounds perfectly ok to me. What do you mean with "is still being challanged by the gods to this day?". Gods rarely test mortal directly. Or is this more a vieuw Mabna is having on things? Being unlucky or with hardship all the time?

I am missing a few details you might want to fill in:

Does she live in an Ogre tribe or one of the Tellurian cities?
Is she a wild Ogre or is her tribe/she herself aligned with the Utgardian alliance?

She sounds like a wise lady and a sort of leader figure from a tribe. Probably a wild one.

You already played this character, right?
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