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Andromeda (oops had iets eerder gemoeten!)

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Andromeda (oops had iets eerder gemoeten!)

Postby Cecilia » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:39 am

Name: Andromeda
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Class: Healer
Alliance: Chaotic Neutral.
Origin: Amberwoods Tribe
Group: Ogres of Wana

Punten verdeling:
Ambidextrie - 2 punten
Lezen - 1 punt
Rekenen - 0 punt
Eenhandige wapens - 1 punt
Genezers spreuken - 11 punten
Elementair Ritualist - 1 punt
TOTAAL - 16 punten

Andromeda was born in a small human settlement in Asgard close to the Midgardian border, which she remembers none at all of. She was barely two years old when her village was raided by a tribe of Amberwood people, in which her parent were killed and she herself was carted off to be raised as a slave within the tribe. The first three years of her life she was raised by tribes women, mostly women servants (they were a cast higher then the slaves, which mostly belonged to the harems).

When she reached the age of five, her healing abilities were starting to show. She would by accident heal her own wounds or those of her 'nannies'. The lead healer of the tribe, a Wytchlien named Alun was informed of this and took it upon himself to check on the girl and test her ability, and nourish them if needed to be.

He was quite shocked to see the girl, and her resemblance to the crown princess of Asgard that was already starting to show. After the initial shock, he decided to test her abilities regardless and was surprised to find the girl did posses a gift to healing. Naturally, all healers were nurtured and trained by him for use of keeping the tribe standing, and the young girl was no exception. Still, knowing how she looked, and what he could see she would grow up to look like, he couldn't risk her showing up under the tribe's leader's eyes; The Thief King. He would instantly move her to the harem, and humans were known not to survive there for very long.

So, for the next years she lives and remained in the servants quarters, trained by her new Master in the morning in the arts of healing, and during the day would help around with regular servants chores. Her red hair was covered by a veil at all times. At times when he needed her as a backup healer when the tribe have had a raid, she was completely veiled from tip to toe. The legend soon went around it was done so because she was so horribly misformed that she was too horrific to look upon. Alun and herself decided to let the rumour live, as it suited them well. Alun never told her why he veiled her, he deemed it best she did not know the reason why.

At the age of twelve her Master took her to the outskirts of the woods, just at the bare border and brought her to a small white washed thatched cottage. It was to be hers from there on, she would be safer there and he would visit and teach her from there every day. That day he tattooed her face like that of the rest of the tribe, so that she could run into the woods for safety would she need it and gather herbs and food. Within a few months, she had become pretty self sufficient. Every time she was brought into the woods by her Master to heal the tribe, she was once again fully veiled, specially when she grew older and her resemblance to Daena the crown princess was becoming uncanny. In exchange for her healing she received food, clothing and gold to spend at nearby town markets.

At the age of 25 she first went to the Vortex, the word having travelled to even her in her small thatched cottage. She had lived a pretty shielded life up till now and she was becoming pretty sick of it. So, without telling her master she went to the Portal and travelled to the Vortex, befriended a troll named Mahinde and went looking for excitement, adventures. She joined the Wyvern faction in search of those things.

That did not last for long as her troll friend was slain along with half of the Wyvrn tribe, sobering her up pretty quickly. She survived by pure chance, and took Mahinde's body back to Heimr. Her master had been furious at her for leaving, but at the sight of the dead troll and her distraught state had remained silent and helped her give him a proper burial. From a piece of his skin she extracted the blue pigment and turned it into ink, a small vial she still keeps in her cottage as a reminder of her unlikely friend. After that, her master had forbidden her from travelling through the Portal ever again, it could have been her instead of her friend he would have had to bury after all.

But Andromeda changed after that, after watching all those she cared about die. Morals became secondary to what she wanted to gain or acquire, her wit becoming sharp and sometimes bitter. She obeyed her Master for two whole years, till she couldn't stand it any more.

She was out for blood, so after those two years she entered the Vortex again. After having tricked her master into sleeping with her so she could put a sleeping draught on him, she stole his horse he had left outside and rode off to the Portal where she slipped through. Looking for the blood she had heard were behind the killings. Wolf Clan.

But instead, she was faced with a band of Ogres. And some Goddess named Wana they kept yelling about.

(Ik meen dat ik het concept van de Amberwoods al aan Wilco en Brian heb uitgelegd, maar voor verdere verduidelijking wil ik het best uitschrijven.)
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