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Muziek deel 2

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Muziek deel 2

Postby Midgard DM » Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:34 pm

Ok, lets do this! Help mee. Help mee.

====Location based====


Ambient Trance Crystal cave
Mountain silence

Forest sounds (sound only)
Relax chill out music Forest song

==At sea==

==Open Plains==





===Fantasy Culture===

NeverWinter Nights 2 Tavern Music

==Good Temple==

==Evil Temple==


===Modern Culture===

===Sci-fi Culture===

====Event based====

===Rest or convo===

==Rest or convo - modern==

==Rest or convo - techno==
Exist Strategy - Horizon Aura
Two Steps From Hell - Lost in Las Vegas

==Rest or convo - fantasy==


==Battle - modern==

==Battle - techno==

==Battle - fantasy==
Neverwinter Nights OST - Battle - Final Boss

==Battle - scary/suspense (horror themed monsters)==

==Epic battle (bosses and such)==
Two Steps From Hell - Conquerors
Two steps From Hell - To Glory

Behold the Darkness, By Medwyn Goodall
The Living Hills - Aalborg Ambient
Ambient horror track

Moonlight Improvisation by Vadim Kiselev

Music that switches halfway:
Two Steps From Hell - Frozen Paths

When you see the word "realism" in any Heimr discussion, please substitute "internal consistency of imagined world such that it abides by its own laws both implied and explicit, including laws such as 'elves exist' and 'magic works.'"
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